Home for custom installation of electronic accessories along with marine and and off road service and maintenance in the Houston area



Avid Texas hunters, fishermen and general outdoor enthusiasts, brothers Brian and Robb Hopkins have spent their lives exploring just about every mountain range and mud hole in the United States, as well as fishing on and off every coast. This makes them uniquely qualified to know just what you will need, regardless of the terrain


After years of working in the marine industry and seeing improper installs done by that "friend of a friend” we all know, we here at Hopkins Marine & Offroad decided that it was time that people had access to affordable, high-quality installations.  We also understand that it isn’t just the marine industry that suffers from this problem, but the off-road world as well. 

All installations (including off-road) are preformed to meet strict marine industry standards for protection against water intrusion and corrosion.  And wires…?  We hate to see them and we bet you do too, we take the time to map and route your wiring for the cleanest look possible.